“Ideas do not need to be esoteric to be original or exciting.”                                              Paul Rand


Greetings everyone and welcome to IIIT Bangalore’s latest edition of the ISoClub… Wait, it is no more the same, old fashioned name, it has now entered a new phase (3rd Gen.) And we thought of bringing in some changes to the functioning of the club as a whole. How about Cite. for a new name? Weird? Full form? What does it even mean?

Curating Ideas, Technology and Entertainment (Cite.). Wait, it is not just the name that has changed, it’s high time since we reached out to a new and multi-faceted ‘AGENDA’. Well, what is that? You can reach out to us telling us your ideas and approach on the existing ones. Our main motto lies in making our campus, a stage for active participation and a hotbed of ideas and thoughts, as well as a platform for discussing the existing, old and even up-coming realities. And do not discount on the fun part. Our little chat on sexbots, sci-fi movies, anime, music and what not will surely act as a stressbuster. Make way for any and all discussions, even the crude ones. It will make way for sophisticated ones….

REMEMBER: It never starts with a sophisticated one!!!

So let’s all put some effort and make it a huge success…

Waiting to catch up with you…

Team Cite.


To be a collective learning platform.

Develop a better appreciation of social realities.

Provide individuals a platform to share ideas with everyone be it a written or verbal.


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