Varada Desikan PS

Communication between human beings is a beautiful interaction which can be seen as more than just conveying information to one another. We as human beings, have more than just facts to express. Sometimes we want the other person to understand what we are actually trying to say. Sometimes we want them to perceive the depth of your feelings and level of interest in that subject. Sometimes it’s sarcasm. Sometimes it’s irony. Sometimes it’s serious. Your facial expressions, your body language, your tone, the way you address, the way you are responded, the way you proceed with the conversation, the theme, the background, the emotions, the choice of words, everything. They constitute to the beauty of the conversation and they complete how you convey the “information”.

We are not robots (yet). We don’t want to be indulged in a monotonous conversation when you want to ask a person out. We don’t want to hear a stand-up comedy from a guy who can’t portray a different facial expression. Office meetings, professional conversations and business discussions are exceptions, a little bit contrary to examples being discussed, even where we are judged based on your responsibility and your seriousness of the issue and not by the automated voice. We get bored when we sit in a history class and the teacher just reads out what’s given in the book. We need new angles to see, new perspectives to think about and a whole new stuff to ponder our brains just to come to the conclusion why Mahatma Gandhi was shot by Rajaram Godse. Basically, communication and transfer of knowledge are more than just a few WhatsApp texts where you ask “sup” or a messenger chat with just rearrangement of alphabets and false smileys. LOL right?

Texting is, of course, the shortest method to talk to a person. Ease of Access, communication to people living far away, long distance relationships, sharing memes or videos, etc. are surely benefited by online modes of communication, but this practice has refrained people from engaging in normal conversations and discussions in person. This allows people to hide the essence of the conversation and it covers the thought process behind every word typed. More than that, it makes people lazy to explain what’s really wrong and what is actually happening. It is uncommon to notice 2 people standing in front of each other and reply “sup, hmm, K, ohh,” etc. You can see information and feelings pouring out when you overhear 2 men conversing at a bar. We get to know how minutely the details are noticed when we listen to a group of girls gossiping during the high school. We all know how much effort is put into statistics and data when we see mothers of IIT aspiring students discuss facts. This can’t be matched by any chatting application.

Talk to everyone. Initiate the conversation. Sparkles can be seen in the vendors’ eyes when you ask how their children are doing. Immense happiness can be noticed when you ask about the wellness of your house worker’s family. Visit your relatives occasionally, spend time with them, go to your hometown, talk to the village people, know about their lifestyle. At the end, we are still eating what they are ploughing. We aren’t intaking bytes of data nor ‘0’s and ‘1’s. Involve yourself in discussions and family group ups rather than swiping through the list of online contacts or pages of Facebook. Create your own trademark and joy behind interactions rather than hashtagging them on Instagram. Machines haven’t taken over us humans yet. And that is how it is going to be, at least for the next few decades. What’s going to stay is the impression you have created on other people’s mindsets and what they think about you. That’s going to remain forever as ideas in their minds. And that is how people outshine. Socialize.


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