Started in 2012 by the first I.MTech batch students of IIIT-B the club has been an essential part in the college activities. It was their vision that drove it to where it is today and now we are obliged to continue their legacy.

The club organized events to create more awareness and have a deeper understanding of the Information Society and different perspectives of it. ISoC has never been exactly a formal IT Club, in the sense of technical talks and discussions that had been organized.

The club is entering a new phase, making some slight transformations from what it was earlier. The motto being almost the same, but with a different approach. Starting off with the name, ‘CITE’ abbreviation for Curating Ideas, Technologies and Entertainment. We as part of it want to think not only as Computer or Electronics Engineer but also as curious global citizens.

Understanding technology might lead us to invention but it’s awareness will lead to innovation. Same way entertainment is not just about enjoyment, it is someone’s imagination and ideas put forward. That is why we think it is very important to discuss and nurture such ideas so that we are aware of how fast the world is moving and how can somethings be changed for the common good. So, we request you to come forward and take part in this with us.


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