Inferiority Complex

Varada Desikan PS This is not humility Can I always succeed? Can I anticipate the outcome to be positive, every time I make an attempt? Does everything that happens, occur in my favour? Can I expect the society to encourage and motivate if at all I fail? Will my effort be recognized if my outcome... Continue Reading →


A Woman At The Gym

Atibhi Agrawal Research shows that only 20% of gym members are women. Especially in India, women tend to ignore their health. It is said that if you educate a man, you just educate him but if you educate a woman, you educate the entire family. Similarly, a healthy woman means a healthy household. Women tend... Continue Reading →


Varada Desikan PS Communication between human beings is a beautiful interaction which can be seen as more than just conveying information to one another. We as human beings, have more than just facts to express. Sometimes we want the other person to understand what we are actually trying to say. Sometimes we want them to... Continue Reading →

Wheel In Or Wheel Out?

Chella Priyadharshini Introduction: ‘Timaeus’ is one of the many acclaimed works of renowned Greek philosopher Plato. In it he describes in great detail what all could possibly have led to the formation of the universe. He goes on to say, the whole universe is a living form with soul and intelligence. It is a unique... Continue Reading →

Wear a Pink Dress & Watch a Rom-Com

Chella Priyadarshini Drawing inspiration from all the anthologies that I love, I’ll start this piece by throwing a few random sights. There was once a post on the Facebook wall of a popular television channel that went on something like “Girls bond over clothes and Guys bond over movies like ‘The Dark Knight’. Tonight @... Continue Reading →

GST Intends To Bring Tax Uniformity

Shivam Kumar Singh GST is hours away from launch and rumors regarding it are spreading like wildfire spread during “The Battle of Blackwater”. Economists say that this is the biggest Tax reform since Independence and they cannot be more right. Through this article, I will try to discuss some FAQs about GST. 1) What is... Continue Reading →

Stud, Dud and Thud…

Tejas Kotha Disclaimer: All the facts and figures used in this article have been obtained from a journal post titled “Why Men Don’t Live as Long as Women” that I happened to come across. I own nothing apart from my thoughts and expressions. "Macho makes you sick" So basically, I was reading a journal regarding... Continue Reading →

La Decima’tor

Kedar Kulkarni Call it a decimation, call it a tentastic claynaissance or call it the return of the claydiator; but one certainly can’t overlook the enormity of Rafael Nadal’s achievement as he held aloft the Coupe des Mousquetaires for the 10th time in his career. His triumph at the Roland Garros 2017 laid added emphasis... Continue Reading →

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